Pipe Dreams

Rising, ever rising 

Vague pulses behind my eyes 

Slowly first then faster and faster 

Through tattered clouds and swirling smoke 

Skyward bound with visions before my eyes 

Of nymphs and dryads  that beckon  

Voices ringing like silver bells 

Eyes that dance and hair of sunlight

Spun on wheels from golden straw 

This is not the clay of earthly sorrows 

Where all I touch decays to mould and dust

This is something else altogether 

This is new, exhilarating, a whirling carousel  

Of light and colour where the brass ring 

Passes ever closer within my grasp 

I know this time is short 

The fall from such a height will be great 

But I’ll ride the wave for as long as it lasts 

Feeling it begin to curl beneath my feet 

Before it breaks apart in  flecks of foam  

Tossed high into the open air 

The crash of rolling thunder 

Resounding in my ears 

This is so unlike the dreary progression 

Of hours and days that passes for the march of time

Here time itself is stretched, each moment a hundred moments 

Fused together, then let go in a burst of fission 

A spectacle of light and sound  delighting every sense. 

Too soon, too soon, the ride is over 

An experience like no other experience 

A time like no other time 

A journey like no other 

So “Buy the ticket.  Take the ride” 

Worth any price of admission 

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