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A Few modest words on my own behalf.

I never intended to be what I have become. Even to this day it is a profound mystery that I am here doing this. But there you have it. I spend my days trying to express myself, to explain myself, to excuse myself and in the end, in attempting to accomplish these insurmountable challenges, to examine myself. It has been a humbling experience for I am not what I once thought I was. While prepared for the answer, I was not prepared for the consequences.

At various times I thought I was a musician, a magician, a practitioner in the art of words. I thought I was a modern-day “Victorian” or at least an “Edwardian” poet who was simply born at the wrong time and on the wrong continent. I thought I was a knight tilting at windmills or a wayward minstrel carrying tunes to village after village. I believed I was a lost soul. As it turned out, I was none of those things.

In the end I am simply a storyteller in need of an audience and, if no audience is willing to listen, I will simply recite my work to the wind and the empty sky.

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