This does not signify anything nor foretell any imminent event. But when the time comes, I wanted to be able to conduct some aspects of the inevitable proceedings. Therefore, I submit this for the lucky one who is asked to say a few words.

My Farewell (Eulogy)

To my family and friends,

Do not be sad,

But help me celebrate all that was good and true

In this life I was given.

It seems that the curses and blessings

Came in equal measure

Balanced one against the other.

So, in the end, there were few regrets.

There were bridges not crossed,

Dice not tossed and offered hands let slip.

For all of that, chance spared me the worst

That might have been.

I dared more than was wise

And stood on ice too thin to offer assurance

And proceeded blind

When eyes should have been wide open.

But still, they were risks that fell in my favour.

Some might argue that point

With some justification,

But from where I stand

Pluses outweigh minuses.

I had family to warm my heart.

I had friends to stand by my side.

I had no worry for food or shelter

And could support many less blessed than me.

It has been good beyond my wildest hope.

The music that sustained me

Was the stuff of Heaven

As varied as flowers of the fields

And beyond my power to understand.

I was blessed with visions

That exceeded my capacity to grasp,

Then given words to express

What I could only sense.

That is my legacy,

An inheritance of bad poetry and dull prose

That will outlast my presence.

Un-rhyme’d and un-rhythm’d pieces

In which I tried to capture

Ghostly will-o’-the-wisps and spectral phantoms,

Forever dancing in my head

Since I first knew left from right,

To pin them down with words

And fix them to a body of work

That I could stand back and say at last,

“I’m finished.”

“It is done.”

As am I.

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