Linda Spied A Mouse

From out the corner of her eye,

Linda, a tiny shape did spy.

Our laundry room was the scene

The site of much neglect has been.

Against this siege a barricade arose

And orders to this threat dispose.

How this threat came to be?

The fault lay clearly with me.

Dealing with this rude intrusion

Was handed to me for a quick solution.

The source? Garage, ceiling, piles of clutter,

Thirty years of neglected litter.

Nothing for it but to ransack the room

In search of one who, by now, foresaw its doom

And scurried back from whence it came

To play again it’s threatening game.

One of many, it ignored my trap

To live again and raise a flap,

Only to return once more

To tax me with this tiresome chore.

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