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Certain Trouble

Three words to indicate that, if you’re not in trouble right now, you soon will be. They set the tone for what follows and are designed to send a chill down your spine and, however mild that frisson may be, your eyes will give you away. Law enforcement knows what to look for. So does anyone who is a position of authority, or thinks they are, or wants to be. It may not be those exact same three words, but those who want to exercise unwarranted control will use something similar to elicit the same response, an immediate assumption of guilt. The guilt may be justified or not and the infraction may be real or not, but the lines are drawn. The relationship is instantly made clear. If you do not respond with the right words or tone, or posture then things are about to escalate. Things will move from bad to worse.

The same is true in any long-established relationship, boss/employee, police/citizen, wife/husband. In general, I’ve found that the first two can be resolved. The last one is a bit trickier. You know the signals and what is surely to follow, but you are helpless to avoid the result. Reason and logic have no meaning here and the stage is set for a row.

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