A Silly Song

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A tune, a lilt, a silly song

Lodged firmly in my ear on endless loop.

It plays and plays with maddening persistence

Burrowing deep inside my head.

At first, I thought it merely pretty

A simple tune with a certain something,

A skillful blend of voice and instrument

Or a line of notes that soared or soothed.

Catchy lyrics or interesting change in key

Resolving sombre minor to joyful major

That struck my fancy with its novelty.

Or heard repeated time and time again,

A common trick of commercial strategy

To drive the sponsor’s message home.

It soon became my ever companion

Intruding at unexpected, inconvenient times

When a need for focus was required

It would not depart or simply fade away.

It stuck like glue or a piece of sidewalk gum.

It grew with maddening insistence

Overtaking thought and reasoning,

Transformed from mere preoccupation

To a manic, all-consuming obsession.

It was an infection run wildly rampant

A bane, a curse, an infestation.

I found to my horror, my consternation,

An earworm had possessed my soul.

Use the music bar above to control the music.

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