Let The Show Begin *

The Audio Version

Curtains drawn and footlights dimmed

The audience hushed with anticipation

Dressed in finest gowns and precious jewels

Programmes tightly rolled and clutched

To perfumed bodices of lace.

With escorts seated at their side

Chaffing at too-stiff collars and too-tight shoes

Anxious to be home to watch the game,

The critics have been more than kind

Warranting outrageous ticket prices

And less than perfect seating.

The orchestra has sounded

Their final notes of pre-show flourish

Pausing at the ready to bring on the cast

Their lines committed to unerring memory

And choreographed to a tee.

Spotlights flood the centre stage

Crimson curtains part in royal majesty.

Let the show begin.

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This has been a Piperguy48 production
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