Second Childhood


Half a lifetime growing up, growing up.

Then (almost) half a lifetime growing old

From childhood

To mid-life,

To golden years,

Always in a rush, in a rush.


The time has come

To stop and reconsider this haste

Driving me on these many years.

I now have time to weigh the merits

Of many things and judge them

For their worth.

Childhood. (Door #1)

Childhood was all light and fantasy.

My wants and needs were all provided.

My future was plotted and planned

And no concern of mine.

Mid-Life. (Door #2)

Mid-life was filled with many concerns,

The laying on of many burdens

I did the best I could

And willingly accepting them as just.

Golden Years. (Door #3)

These golden years hasten their march

To a final resolution free of fear.

Casting off the burdens that I bore,

I now examine options with more care.

Weighing The Merits

Considering all the paths before me,

Acknowledging the pros and cons of each,

Considering the cost and benefit of each,

My choice is clear.

The Decision

Door #3

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