Let’s go for a ride.

The Audio Version

Let’s go for a ride.

Climb in the car, hop on the bike.

Let’s go for a spin, hold on tight.

Let’s take to the highways, the endless byways.

Let the miles roll on by and by.

Let’s go for a ride.

Laughing and singing into the wind.

Destinations all but unknown.

Urban explorers of the rural jungle.

Out and about for as long as there’s sunshine.

A tank full of gas and a hamper full of food.

Top 40 on the radio.

And the years on our side.

Let’s go for a ride.

And see where this road takes us.

Carefree and careless we embark.

On a Sunday voyage of discovery.

Gasoline is cheap and so is time,

Plenty enough of both to sustain our trip.

Traffic is light, the freeway is clear.

No maps necessary nor GPS required.

Let’s go for a ride.

Unknown places to go,

Unseen scenery to see,

Smells to inhale, the sound of the tires.

Grass to lay upon and trees for shade,

Fresh picked flowers for bouquets

And fragrant circlet’s for your hair

And lazy cattle browsing in the field.

Lowing their gentle songs.

Fields of corn and barley and summer’s wheat

Are nodding in every field.

Let’s go for a ride

With you at my side.

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