Drifting In The Past

The Audio Version

Ragged pictures fade in and out,

Galleon clouds with tattered sails,

Mist-shrouded images of things gone by,

A dream with eyes wide open

Or a dream within a dream.

Persistent memories that will not fade,

Not that I would wish them to,

Appear before my eyes.

I can recall almost as yesterday

How you looked my way and smiled.

We were young, oblivious to the stares

Of disapproval and dire predictions

Of things that lay in store.

Our defiance sustained us,

Bound us that much closer together.

We did not see, could not see,

The rocky shoals that lay ahead

As rising winds steered a threatening course.

We did not see.

We could not see.

But that was fine, just fine.

We clung to the prospect

These days would endure

And in my dreams,

They do.

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