Celebration – September 2nd 1948

We all take note of special occasions.

We celebrate our birthdays, anniversaries

And other annual days of note.

We have parties, we give gifts,

We send cards and letters,

We offer up best wishes

For continued good health

And especially, Many Happy Returns.

They are joyous times

Filled with warmth and feelings

Of love and affection.


These times should be grim reminders

Of the slow, relentless march of time,

Another circuit around the sun

Of which we have so precious few.

Our birthdays and anniversaries

Are undeniably limited and fixed.

Each one marks one less X to place

Upon  that calendar mounted on the wall.

One less time to gather with friends

And raise a glass to fond memories

Of days and weeks and months gone by

In that brief span since last we met.

We laugh and sing to hide the fact

That we are mortal.

We try to forget, for that one day a year,

We share a common fate.

But cause for celebration?

We have survived.

Another year gone by in which

We’ve raised a middle finger

To all the fates that tried to bar our way,

Spit in the face of all adversities

That stood before our path.

Over hurdles, past barricades,

Through all the trials and tribulations

That beset our journey,

We have triumphed.

Instead of being mortal,

We are, in truth, immortal.

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