Will I Be?

Will I be forever curious

Desiring to see landscapes beyond the horizon?

Often I am content with the view at hand,

Taking pleasure in things within reach,

Delighting in the common place.

Will I be forever content

At peace with myself and the world?

There are no turmoils raging within,

No storms near or in the offing,

My seas are gentle, waters are calm.

Will I be forever satisfied

Where all that I have is all that I want?

The need to acquire things for their own sake

Is a devouring obsession that consumes

Feeding a desire that is never satisfied.

Will I be forever caring

For those who are beset by grief and woe?

The need to reach out to comfort,

To ease those troubled hearts is deeply held

And not to be denied.

Will I be forever tolerant

Accepting of all who cross my path?

Such variety of character and opinion

In this wide world of thought and view

Gives rise to a world of potential conflict.

Will I be forever in love

With the one who I am with?

A question I hope I never need to test.

One love in a lifetime is all I should hope for

And all my heart can accommodate.

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