Thank You

How can I say “Thank You” to a face I do not know?

Some random act of kindness bestowed upon a stranger

By a stranger in a strange land deserves a grateful nod.

I may not be able to acknowledge that kindly gesture

As it unfolds near or far from where I am,

But I feel compelled to speak my mind and offer thanks

For a gesture grounded in human kindness

And consideration for the plight of someone else.

No compulsion drives this sympathetic action

To offer aid and comfort to one in desperate need.

The circumstances require some recognition.

I cannot shake their hand nor offer a kindly smile

But I need to make it known that I have seen,

I have been moved to stand and raise my voice

Despite the fact that no one hears and no one sees.

I will say my “Thank you” by paying it forward

To some stranger I do not know.

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