To cast aspersions,

Is the first step down the sinful slope of pride.

To believe that I am less, or you are more

Focuses on perceived, unjust inadequacies.

To cast doubt,

Floods the landscape with uncertainties.

It leads to wasteful tail-chasing of what-ifs

And contributes nothing to the task at hand.

To cast division,

You multiply your foes and set them on each other.

A house divided is doomed to failure.

It cannot stand without a measure of solidarity.

To cast distrust,

You jeopardize the fabric of what holds us together.

This globalized society could not rightly function

Without the certainty of mutual trust.

To cast a net,

Know what it is you want to catch.

Be certain of your target and exclude the rest

Else you might exceed the loading of your seines.

To cast your fate,

Calculate the odds with fine precision.

Fate can be a mercurial companion

When travelling an unknown road.

To cast your lot,

Know the foundations on which you you stand.

Be certain it was a clear-eyed choice

And there is no room for uncertainty.

To cast stones,

One risks the chance of retaliation.

Be very certain that your own house is in order

And your walls are not made of glass.

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