Quality & Quantity

A while ago I wrote two pieces called “The Gary Baker Principal (1 & 2). In them I tried to examine the dichotomy inherent in the phrase “Quality over Quantity”. I simply put the two sides out there showing no particular preference for one or the other. The issue then was life in general and at the time, Quality was just an issue getting in the way while Quantity was an issue rarely on the radar.

As to Quantity, being young and foolish, I rarely gave it a thought. However, Gary Baker got the short end of the stick regarding Quantity but seemed blessed with an abundance of Quality. This gave me occasion to think.

In general, Quantity is a matter in which I have little choice. There may be some minor tweaks I can perform (or should have performed) to offset the inevitable, but the end result is carved in stone. Given a modicum of good luck, that quantity was predetermined the moment the sperm entered the ovum. True, some nasty things can happen along the way, but the result is the same. Quantity was worth no more than a shrug of the shoulders.

Looking at it like a scale measuring time, at the outset all of the Quantity is loaded on this side and poor light-weight Quality on the other. Given no catastrophic events along the way, the balance should begin to shift in favour of Quality.

If something happens in the course of one’s life to disrupt that peaceful transfer, one’s golden years can become a horror show of tragedy. I’ll put up the example of “Citizen Kane”. If, as the years go by, it becomes apparent that Wells’ classic is unfolding in a personal sense, there are two options: Succumb or Rebel.

In Succumbing you are prematurely keeping all of the weight on the Quantity side and putting up a roadblock in the path to Quality.

In Rebelling you are literally opening the floodgates in a mad rush to Quality skipping (of necessity) much of the Quantity. Or simply jumping off the scale. (OK. Three options)

Now; which one is the more desirable proposition? That depends where on the scale you happen to be, the value you place on Quality and Quantity and the nature of your character.

Door #1. If you are at the beginning of your journey and Quantity is your cup of tea, and you tend to be on the sheepish side, then succumb. Take life’s full measure and screw the rest.

Door #2. If you are nearing the end and Quality becomes tantamount, and you are mulish in nature, then by all means rebel.

From where I stand,

The values that I hold,

And my nature,

I choose Door #2.

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