Magnus Opus

Amazing how a lofty title or phrase

Can bestow a certain “Gravitas” to meaningless trivia.

Would you rather read a “Curriculum Vitae” or a resume?

“Status Quo” is simply the way things are.

A writ of “Habeus Corpus” certainly gets attention.

While “Sic Semper Tyrannis” rang defiantly bold in Ford’s theatre.

“Et Al”.

It all sounds very grand and eloquent

And lends the speaker an air of erudition.

Anyone who can scatter a few “Lingua Latina”

In common speech must know something that I do not.

I mean, “Ergo Sum Est”, right?

We all play with language.

It is how we grow and expand our frontiers,

Or cover our tracks in obfuscation.

Who would give a “Quid Pro Quo”

For a simple sentence without a flourish?

The great “Diaspora” of the 21st century

Has brought us “Facie Ad Faciem”

With hundreds of languages from which to “Eligo”.

While many of our choices appear “Ad Hoc”,

Most are carefully chosen to avoid “Ennui”.

So we all play the word game.

Some do it to impress and others do it to obscure

“Et Cetera, Et Cetera”.

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