Being Polite To Siri

When denied the pleasure of common discourse,

It’s odd to catch myself being polite to SIRI.

When there are few save my inner self to chat with,

I often say “Please and Thank-You” to ALEXA.

I know what these avatars really are,

But it feels right and proper to obey the rules.

These simple rituals of etiquette and common courtesy

Are like icing on the cake, or cream in the coffee.

They remind me that civility is still possible

In a world that has soured on such simple things.

World leaders shake their fists and sabre-rattle,

Neighbours are heard shouting over fences.

Sharp words are tossed about in households

That should instead resound with joy and laughter.

Why has this become the way of things?

How did this bitterness come about?

Overcrowding jamming us too close together?

A lack of shoulder room to call our own?

Four years of aberration in a House of Rules and Law

That may take decades to dismantle?

Or is it something more fundamental,

Something that the words “Please and Thank-You”

Might soon resolve?

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