Out Of Hand

Unfit to lead – Unfit to follow

This writing thing has gotten out of hand.

There are needs that call for my attention

But I have little appetite for them.

I am distracted, otherwise engaged,

Put off the scent and led down trails

That consume me to exclusion of all else.

The fox forgotten, the scent that is in my nose

Driving me to pursue unfamiliar prey.

I break from the pack

Not following my master’s voice

Diving into bush and bracken

Answering to other instincts

Than those instilled by breeding and intent.

Definitely out of hand.

I am starting to annoy both family and friends,

Fingers constantly tapping at my tablet,

Brain engaged in things not here and now.

What to do with a hound that will not track,

One that dashes off at will

Pursuing false trails,

Leading the pack astray,

Unfit to hunt,

Determined to be different,

But put him down?

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