Off The Grid

The great Kristofferson said it best,

“Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose”.

Hanging on to things makes prisoners of us all.

More begets more and that way leads to chains

That tie us down with weights too heavy to bear.

“Off The Grid”: A thought delicious to contemplate,

But such contemplation was best begun

Some fifty years ago when ideals were ripe,

The back was strong and limbs were supple,

More hair upon my head to keep away the snow,

Eyesight clear and a heart not prone to mischief.

Still, it’s good to dream of what might have been,

Given the path I chose to follow and now look back

With some regret for roads not taken, risks not dared

And opportunities let slide through open fingers.

Regret makes poor company on lonely nights

And rue the path that brought me to this place.

If I could make a Daniel Webster deal, would I accept?

On one solitary binding condition.

That all my children and theirs as well

Would follow as I wander

“Off The Grid”.

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