At Peace

There is no pressing “need” or “must”.

No urgent demand requiring my attention.

I am content and at peace.

Others consider this indolence or sloth

That stands in the way

Of what I should be doing,

A character flaw in need of correction

My ways in need of redemption.

I regard it as a natural state of affairs,

Not to be denied.

Much to be desired.

I am at peace

Let this moment linger on.

After a lifetime of tending to the needs of others,

This moment is for me

And I will cherish it

For as long as I am able or permitted.

I am at peace.

I am not bound by what you want

Nor limited by your desire.

I am who I am and no other.

I have reined in my vices,

Refined my wants,

Defined my needs.

All is good.

I am at peace.

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