Without Sin & First Stones

Let those who are without “stones”

Cast the first “sin”.

A curious but accurate assessment.

A corollary that is true in both directions.

With no courage of convictions

Nor firm ground to anchor values,

The morally and ethically weak

Are among the first to point fingers

At those who wander from the norm.

Dare to be different,

Follow a different path,

March to a different drummer,

This is serious apostasy.

The weak are threatened.

The strong are tolerant.

The rest care not a whit.

Rather than acknowledge that we are all sinners

And not worthy to judge,

I would propose that we are free from sin

As the natural state of affairs

And absorb the stain of sinfulness

From evil notions along our way.

This excess and harmful burden

Can, with practice and determination,

Be cast aside as excess baggage.

For what is this sin

But something that weighs us down,

An intolerable burden

That is not ours by choice.

Or if by choice,

Then Hell awaits.

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