Rites Of Spring

Spinning round the ribbon’d Maypole

Aprons, skirts and crinolines akimbo

Weave in and out in patterns so dizzying

Pagan celebration of spring’s renewal

Music and laughter cast up to the sky.

Billowing tents around shapely legs

Laughing eyes and smiling lips

Cheeks as pink as summer peaches

Call out to young beaus of longing gazes

Springtime frolic on sweet new grasses.

Planting done. Now wait, and wait

For summer’s magic to cast its spell.

Spinning round the ribbon’d maypole

Joyful rites of Spring’s renewal

And Summer’s promise of abundant growth.

Young maids and swains abandon care

Dancing to pipes and concertinas.

The maids, so coy, faces faint blushing

Flowers bedeck their auburn tresses.

Eyes flash with mirth, feet skip in delight

Hair billows like clouds caught in a breeze.

The beaus so bold, their gazes of longing

Jostle each other with cries of attention.

Laughter dances on air, a delight to the ear.

The Maypole enwrapped in colours bedazzling.

It comes to an end with sunlight’s last rays

Settling in the western sky.

Spinning round the ribbon’d maypole

Spirits becalming, the fires abating

The work is done, the harvest remains

Til the coming of Spring

When ribbons appear,

And once more the young gather

Round the ribbon’d maypole.

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