This Is Good

This is good, very, very good.

This instant is like no other.

It fills my senses, it nourishes my soul.

It gladdens my heart.

It gives meaning and purpose

And I am grateful for its presence.

Would that I could just reach out

And snatch it from the air

To encapsulate it, preserve it.

But it moves on relentlessly with no regard

For me or my wishes

Only to be replaced and replaced

By another and another

Giving no guarantee that it will be

Worse or better than all that went before.

So there is this philosophy or technique

Called “Living In The Moment”.

It’s chief proponent is Sam Harris,

A man who has given much thought

As to why our lives are filled with such sorrow.

His journeys take him to the Far East

To discover the tenants of

Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism,

At their roots all philosophies that try

To subsume the evil harmful tendencies

Of humankind and our wayward nature.

And to do that, we must abandon self,

Reach out to embrace the now,

Experience the instant,

Live in the moment.

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