12 In 1

The curtain draws back

Baring the wizard’s secret

Nothing here to fear.


Just smoke and mirrors

Symbolizing all we dread

A shrouded future.


Sense what none can see

The mystery of darkness

Our destination.


Fate of all creatures

The ending of all we know

And what lies beyond.


Following a path

We rest here for a moment

In a long journey.


Not a thing is gained

Life’s brief balance of all things

Not a mote is lost.


New and old melding

Combining in unique ways

Elements unite.


From twenty-three pairs

We have what we are given

Made new once again.


Bound on a journey

A sea of discovery

Course set on true North.


We seek to reveal

Lifting rocks gazing at stars

Peering in the dark.

Craving the knowledge

Tantalizing our senses

Just beyond our reach.


New revelations

Feeding curiosity

This is what we do.

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