It Doesn’t Matter

It doesn’t really matter,

It really doesn’t matter at all.

I should be concerned

I should give a damn

But I’ve been down this road

Quite a few times

And I know the outcome,

And it’s not worth the effort to care


I’ve seen it all play out before,

From the rise and fall of great events

To a simple turn on a moment of time.

Take one step here, or one step there

And turn the future’s course from this to that.

Tear up the charts and cast the compass


Who can you trust without seeing their eyes?

How can you trust what you cannot see?

What can I trust in these shifting sands?

Why should I trust anything at all?

Where am I to go?

It’s not that I am without hope

But of late I am left with

Too many questions.

Too few answers.

Too little time.

So it doesn’t really matter, not at all.

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