A Touch Of Green

Kept in a box labelled Dublin, Ireland

My Paternal Grandmother 

The sole outlier from the family tree 

That wends its way tween Alba’s rocky coasts, 

She planted unknown roots in this vast country, 

Roots that harkened back to Eire and unknown forebears. 

What proof? Just family lore and tales of fiery temper. 

Also a small box of ragged green card inscribed with Dublin 

On its side and nestled gently within 

A tarnished pair of ibis-shaped embroidery scissors, 

An ivory awl threaded with a faded silk ribbon, 

And a note that read:  

    “These scissors and ivory awl were used to make  

     the Christening Dress of Margaret Jean Black 

     by her Mother’s Mother, Grandma Black”. 

So when we sing the praises of Alba’s rugged shore 

We must Include a tribute to the gentle green of Eire. 

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