A Time And A Place

This is a good time and place to say goodbye.

I am at peace with all those things

That seek to disrupt my simple life.

One by one I have put them aside

And sit here in the moment.

The sun rests a gentle hand

Upon my face and arms.

A gentle breeze caresses me.

Thoughts dance here and there,

Their beckoning offer no urgency.

Tunes of haunting Ceol Mor

Drift upon the air.

The scent of new rain upon the grass

Rises up to meet me.

What more could I ask

But a few moments more of this?

But then, if my wish were granted,

What might intrude to bring this moment

To an abrupt, untimely end?

This moment is suffice unto itself,

So a brief and graceful exit

Would not be unwelcome guest.

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