Before & After

I think we all must come to the conclusion that there is no permanent solution to my “problem”. It was fated to be and there is no magic CRISPR bullet to change it. The CRISPR moment was 73 years ago and of course there was no gene manipulation in those primitive days. It will simply be a matter of control contain and maintain. Pills, pills and more pills.

The future may be a series of small crises, little fires that can be quickly stamped out before they erupt into a raging inferno. Medication seems to be the least risky and, so far, the most effective approach. Doctors are reluctant to reach for the scalpel, at least the ethical ones. So drastic intervention is fading in the distance, not that I will stop pursuing it. There are things that I can do in the meantime; light-to-moderate exercise, healthy diet, a more focused mental attitude. Understand that no one can do this for me.

It is all in my hands, so allow me the space to find my own way.

So bear with me. I’m not going to be 20 years younger overnight.

On the other hand, I’m not going to be 20 years older tomorrow.

It was no understatement.

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