Event Horizon

How would you like to follow me

Beyond the edge, racing over the event horizon?

I keep trying to achieve that tipping point

Where time, space, light and matter

Go somewhere else, beyond our pale senses

To perceive them or to know them.

It may be that Hoffman, Leary and Pollan,

Horsemen of the altered state,

Showed us the way to go and to return,

At least as far as our reality can perceive.

Where do we go when we sleep

To dream of phantasms strange to comprehend?

Such a simple thing to close your eyes

And drift away into a darkened land

Where all the senses become unhinged

And point to nothing and everything.

But this is still existence of a sort.

We do return.

Such a simple thing, to die

And extinguish the universe in a blink.

All our components return to basic parts

To be reduced, reused and recycled.

Is that be the reality of a black hole’s singularity?

All that “something” must go “somewhere”?

All our logic says it must be so.

Theology teaches us that there is another side.

There must be Heaven..

There must be Hell.

What if our logic has got it wrong,

What if our theology has got it wrong?

What if all we know, sense, observe, experience

Dissolves into a void, an unknowable singularity,

An unimaginably tiny pinprick in reality’s fabric?

What then?

A beginning without end?

An end with no beginning?

Just eternity?

An endless expanse?

Expansion, contraction, then another bang?

What of logic?

What of theology ?

Follow me over the event horizon.

There’s nothing to fear.

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