A Dream Past Waking #2

The Audio Version

A dark caul covers my waking

Fearful to close my eyes

Lest the dream returns.

Blackness, blackness and cowering fear

Hover over my head and cloud my eyes.

Surrounded by never ending confusion

And futile efforts to avert the cycle.

I am responsible for this ongoing disaster.

I am responsible for its resolution.

I am the cause and effect,

Alpha and Omega.

Yet my every effort compounds it,

Or serves only to prolong it.

How could this be?

Why is this happening to me?

Things are oh, so familiar,

The faces, the places, even the events,

But subtly twisted and distorted

To make their recollection an unfolding horror.

I curse my weakness to prevent it.

I curse my strength to carry on.

This is the stuff of primal fear.

This is the Baba Yaga come to life.

This is the nightmare.

Call it just a dream,

But pray never to sleep again.

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