A Dream Past Waking

At first glance you overcame me

It was a time of goodbyes and moving on

And there you were beside me

A gentle waft of springtime

Differences not easy to perceive

Yet commonalities drawing together

A reminder of things now past

A promise of things to come

A dream that persists past waking

Haunting the daylight hours

An intriguing palimpsest of many layers

Come to lure me to my one desire

Below a tale of sad experience

Above a story of bright possibility

And so it was for many years

You free to pursue your ways

The same courtesy afforded in return

Two paths following a like compass

We planned we built both moving on

A foundation I believed was stone

Was in reality one of shifting sand

A house of straw a tower of cards

Come undone in a seeming instant

Now left with dreams that persist

Past waking

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