Marking time

Pacing off dimensions of my shrinking room

Measuring the dwindling space

That is allotted me.

Not so very long ago

A much bigger room it seemed

The walls a distant echo

Lost in some future time.

A careless, carefree space

Marked out in measured cadences

As left-right, left-right marked the passage

Of days speeding by.

Now shadows stretching out

Trace my every step

Reminding me that noon long past

Is just a fading memory.

The frenzy of those early days

Has mellowed and time is spent more wisely

Counting off what matters more to me

As quantity gives way to quality.

So I measure what remains

With careful attention to loss or gain

Placed on a balance of good and ill

Choosing options with greater care.

The days are no longer than before,

Still twenty-four hours as once they were.

When did their their speed increase

To such alarming velocity?

Ah well, tomorrow will come nonetheless

With me or without me.

This room grows smaller than it was.

So much easier to take its measure.

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