Sing Me A Song


Sing me a song.

Sing one so sad and softly gentle.

Touch my heart as only you can

In this troubled time.

Sing me a tune that mourns and weeps notes

Of gentle solace for I am troubled and afraid.

Troubled in heart and soul

For all the grief that grips the the world,

Afraid for what lies ahead.

The sadness and the woe.

Sing to me one that heals and makes me whole,

One that I remember from long ago

Sung above my cradle gently rocking.

Sing to me a melody to soothe my brow

And make the pain dissolve.

Sing to chase away these clouds.

I know the sun rides above the sky

But I cannot see its face.

I need to feel that warmth, see that glow

And know that it will return.

The news is bad, all bad.

I need you to sing me a healing song

Tho laced with tears and sorrow

Will calm these rolling waters.

Sing me a song to carry me

Through this shadowed vale and

Offer up the promise that

Tomorrow brings relief.

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