I may be revisiting old themes here, but it’s worth another kick at the can.

A child is born and, when it’s eyes first open, it searches for its mothers face.

If it first encounters a smiling face, then all is well. It is an instinctive reaction like suckling or a grasping hand. That is validation number one. Many more follow, first words, first steps, first success at potty training.

This progression, I suspect, is part of the process that forms our moral compass, establishing our true north and sets the pattern of our life. Every word, every action without the reassurance of validation is like one hand clapping. And of course validation breeds loyalty, trust, maybe even love.

What is it that I am looking for by writing these words and casting them out like crumbs on the water? Am I so insecure that I’m trying to solicit validation for my efforts? Vanity publishing is made for such a one as me. So are blogs and the puffed up feathers of those who boast about the number of followers they have. Perhaps it is only those who are so secure in their own skin that don’t seek the approval of others. I’ve yet to meet any, and it sure as hell isn’t me, but there’s always a chance.

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