Good Day Sunshine

There are days when I climb out of bed, pick up my tablet, open my blog and browse through a few of the lighter selected pieces. I actually read them. I do.

Then I’m ready to face the day with a smile and a feeling of confidence and good vibes having digested a meal of that inspirational bull crap that I put there.

Not only do I read it, but I believe it.

Can you imagine that? I can.

Then there are days that start out on the other foot.

On these days when I pick up that same I-Pad and hit upon some of the deeper, darker entries, I just know that’s not going to be a ”good” day. No sun shining, no birds singing in the trees, no Julie Andrew’s singing “The Hills Are Alive”, and I’ve forgotten to leave the toilet seat down. Definitely not a “good” day.

Can you conceive of that? I can.

So, why do I include both the highs and the lows in apparent random sequence in my blog?

Why don’t I sort them into two categories?

To remind this poor befuddled brain that I have had “bad” days, very “bad” days, but they don’t last forever. Because I would never read the “bad” and remember how I turned that darkness into light. I would always be drawn to the uplifting light and very soon that repetitious familiarity would breed contempt.

That’s why we put sugar in our lemonade.

Can you understand that?  I can.

Like love and marriage,

“You can’t have one without the other”.

All things in moderation.

All things in balance.

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