I look for beauty in the world around me
In things too trivial for most to notice.
I take delight in the small and inconsequential
Things that are lost in this ever-expanding cosmos.
I am intrigued by contradictions and ambiguities
And the twisting paths that lead to resolution.
My focus is on the “Why and How”
Of issues that demand an answer to the
“Who and What” that distract from understanding.
I want to make connections with things
That enhance my perspective.
I am suspicious of solutions that are too easy
And reject those that hurt or harm.
I want to mend bridges and tear down fences
Things that bring us closer.

Anything that stands between this view of how

I Believe the world should be

Is toxic.

All that contributes to my understanding

Of these contradictions and ambiguities

Is good.

This has been a Piperguy48 production
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