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I admit I have many things, more things than I need and certainly more than I deserve. But they tend to be small, inconsequential things. They occupy little space and require little to no maintenance. I have an emotional attachment to them, but to lose them would cause me just a brief sigh.

But collectively we have an enormous number of things and they are big and their presence is a source of much difficulty and pose a great burden on my soul. They restrict my movement and prevent me from doing things that I would like to do and I keep tripping over the damn things. The task of dealing with them and occasionally moving them has moved beyond my control.

This is depressing. This claustrophobia goes against my nature. I estimate that a full 90% is made up of consumables, things that might be useful or even used but certainly not in the time we have left, or indeed in the lifetime of any other individual. A mind boggling quantity of fabric, an astonishing array of crafting material, racks of old clothing that no longer fit and are out of date, furniture that will neither be used nor wanted by anyone, appliances that may or may not work. The list is endless and shows no sign of decreasing.

I would love to say that this is not my doing, but I have been complicit, I let it happen and now I cannot deal with the consequences. I cannot undo what has been done. It is the source of constant worry and depression, a great weight of things sitting over by head.

What to do?

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