Magic Is Subtle

The Audio Version

This life is an elaborate hoax.

In the end there is no saving grace.

Robbed of one final act of defiance

Save the manner and the hour

Of my departure.

It’s a projection, a holographic illusion

Displayed on an earth-size screen.

The illusion is not so obvious,

Like a palmed coin

Appearing from behind your ear.

Or a bouquet of dried flowers

Snapped from a magician’s sleeve.

This magic is subtle.

Embracing the story as it unfolds

Becoming the story.

It lulls you into the illusion

That free will can stop the sun

Or subdue the waves and tide

Or bring you peace.

We were given free will,

A double-edged sword if ever there be,

Then made to believe we had control.

The joke is on us.

An elaborate plot is laid out

And we are made to follow step by step

To its conclusion.

How came we by this delusion?

From what seed did it grow?

What fruit will it bear?

This has been a Piperguy48 production
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