If I Could

The Audio Version

If I could take you back again

What would I give?

A Few modest words in my own behalf.

The years of watching you go

Were like slow relentless steps

On the road to present ruin.

No way to anticipate the path

That lead us to this point

Of cold indifference.

Hand-in-hand we set out

On a voyage paved with promise,

Defying dire, whispered warnings,

Heads in the clouds, hearts on the wing.

We were the Golden ones, the Silver ones.

Nothing would stand in our way,

Blind in our defiance

That gave the appearance

Of indifference, of uncaring.

But I cared. I cared a lot

And wept to see it fade.

A Few modest words in my own behalf.

So, what would I give?

A hand? An arm? My soul?

All this and all that I have

To take you back again.

This has been a Piperguy48 production
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