Reading To Children

The Audio Version

Suspend all disbelief

Cast off your cap of cynicism and cloak of doubt

Clear the mist before your eyes

Listen to laughter on the air

Learn these lessons anew

Such sights never existed before this moment

Never to come this way again

They slip like sand from cupped hands

Up-turned faces with eyes so wide

Eager to trust the story you are about to tell

And follow where you lead

Don’t let them slip

A Few modest words in my own behalf.

This story is for you to tell

To give it life and breath

Free to express

Gesticulate with hands and arms

Laugh. weep let surprise light up your face

Or let tears runnel your cheeks

Embrace the absurd

Give the story life

A Few modest words in my own behalf.

I am. in this instant. what I always wished to be

“A Story Teller”

A spinner of yarns and teller of tales

Both tall and small broad and narrow

That will overwhelm walls of indifference

My trajectory was set

I am the one seated at the fire with magic

On my tongue. at the tip of my fingers

Baton raised about to guide the adventure

Into the heart and soul of fantasy or fact

If only I can persuade them to believe

As I believe. for a moment so brief.

I can immerse myself in the fantasy

Must immerse myself if I am to convince them

Of this story beyond everyday belief

From “Once upon a time” to “The end”

My task is to engage, sweep them into the story

And somehow make them see what I see

And make clear the lesson that adult reason

Sees with such clarity.

A Few modest words in my own behalf.

The minstrel, the balladeer the itinerant wizard

Knows this magic lies at the heart

Of their craft and art.

And if you cannot speak to children

With convincing certainty and absolute honesty

And get them to believe

Then your audience, young or old,

Either innocent or wise with years

Will drift away beyond your reach,

Beyond your telling of the story.

Beyond the web you spin

Beyond the reach of magic.

A Few modest words in my own behalf.

Today I read to children.

This has been a Piperguy48 production
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