The Audio Version

Not a sound carried on the breeze

No repeated echos faintly dying

No talk, no chatter, no whispers

Not a solitary note

Disrupts this quietude.

The daily accompaniment

Of constant, persistent noise

Permeating every waking hour

Made almost mute by constant presence

Like visions too common to be seen.

We pay no heed to the barker’s call

“Hey! Hey! Try your luck!

Just three shots for a dollar!

Make the little lady happy!”

We pass him by, ignored, unheard.

The highway noise, the rolling thunder

The machinery of commerce

And it’s life’s blood, transportation

Blend into a sea of nothing

But with us daily, nonetheless.

The patter, the chatter, the conversations

Circle around us like annoying insects

And if they are not concerning me

If I do not hear my name pronounced

Then drifts into the background buzz.

Take it all away

Remove all sound

Banish rustling leaves and birdsong

Lay aside the beating of your heart

The rush of air into your lungs.

What then is left?

The perfect time and place for thought

A refuge from all distraction

Close your eyes, put aside the touch

Of breeze upon your face.

Imagine death as it might be

For all eternity

Yet still thinking thoughts

Still writing lines

Free of all distraction.


This has been a Piperguy48 production
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