My Christmas Wish This Year Is:


That your heart is at peace
That your soul rests gently in your breast
That your family draws near and if they cannot
That they remain close by in your thoughts
That your ills are cured and if not then they be eased
That you be well-warmed and well-fed
That generosity and kindness
Be your constant companions
That there is snow for Christmas Day
That there is one gift however small
Placed ‘neath your tree or at your feet
That your burdens are lightened
That if you stumble you are uplifted
That if you have fallen behind
Then those you follow will tarry
That your nights hold no terrors
That your days are filled with promise
That you find joy in simple things
That you discover delight in small details
That you find awe and inspiration and joy
In the vast greatness that surrounds us
In the beauty we are given
And above all
You have fun

This has been a Piperguy48 production
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