Mea Culpa

Here’s To All The Well-Intentioned People

I am the first to admit that I have my faults. Good Lord, I’ve had 74 years to hone them, perfect them, refine their details, even found occasion to publicly display them. I am not what you might call perfect. So here is to all those who have tried to redeem me. I may be a hopeless cause but I appreciate the effort.

But between the covers of this particular book called Palimpsest, I’ve tried to avoid being hypocritical, saying one thing but believing something else. It is my platform for truthfulness, a tell-all diary where I’ve tried to make amends for past transgressions and hurts that I’ve caused.

In my day-to-day discourse I am often hypocritical. But here there is no hypocrisy. Here is where I have tried to lay bare the reasoning behind what I believe and what I have done.

This is my “Mea Culpa” moment, where I open my arms and beg forgiveness for all the wrongs imposed, the harm I’ve caused, or the tears I’ve given rise to. You cannot go through life without stepping on a few toes or bumping a few shoulders. But there comes a time when it should be necessary to make amends. I say “should” because for a great many, their time is cut short, denied that Scrooge moment of repentance. I do not intend to make that same mistake. That is why I have laboured so long and hard over this Palimpsest project.

It is my last chance at redemption.

It is my apologia.

It is my penance.

This has been a Piperguy48 production
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